Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pater: Excitement with Jello...

Pater: Excitement with Jello...  My brother Scott wrote today's story about my dad.  This is the first of several such stories he has sent to me.
Excitement with Jello

While I was a teenager, Mother Dear was cooking a special dinner. She pulled a large bowl of red jello out of the fridge and set it on the kitchen table. Pater watched with obvious delight as the stuff wiggled all around in the bowl. He commented out loud to everyone in the kitchen about how it was moving around as if it were alive.

“I wonder what it would look like if I dropped something in it ?” he asked excitedly.

Then he ran to the refrigerator and rummaged around looking for that something.  He found a hard boiled egg and when back at the table pulled out a chair, leaped up on to it and then with an insane grin on his face he hovered over top of the bowl of jello.   With his tongue playing over his lips and showing intent concentration he held the egg up high and then let it go ... splat – right on target into the middle of the jello.  It wobbled like mad.

“Neat!” he shouted. “Let's do it again!”

Not realizing or not caring that some visitors showed up at the door he once more let the egg go with precision aim and once more he shouted with glee as the egg created waves of jiggling shiny color which for some reason was high quality entertainment.  The adults that were just let in stared at Pater with worry, disbelief and shock.  They had a look on their faces that read something like...

“Should we call the men in the white coats ?”
“Are we at the right place?”
“Maybe we better get out of here – this guy might be dangerous!”
I don't remember this specific incident myself, but I remember many others like it.  Dropping an egg onto Jello to watch the interesting visual result was entirely consistent with my dad's character and behavior.  And he certainly wouldn't give a hoot if there was a disapproving or worried observer :)

Notes: “Mother Dear” is a family nickname for my mom.  “Pater” is a nickname the family gave my dad.

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