Sunday, January 5, 2014

Habaneros Mexican Grill...

Habaneros Mexican Grill...  Debbie and I just got back from a fine breakfast at a restaurant in Jamul that we never tried until the past couple of months: Habaneros Mexican Grill.  Now that we know it a bit, we're very sorry we ignored it earlier – so far, everything we've tried there has been great!

This morning we both had machaca burritos: Debbie's dry, but with cheese; mine “wet” (slathered with enchilada sauce and melted cheese).  This is a favorite dish of ours from years ago, when we lived in Chula Vista, and a local restaurant (La Nena's) offered up a tasty example. I've never had the equal of La Nena's wet machaca burritos before, but I have to say that Habaneros bested them.  The machaca was perfectly done (onions nice and transparent, peppers still slightly crunchy, and the beef fall-apart tender).  Habaneros puts both green and red peppers in their machaca, a nice twist on the green-only that I'm used to.  The tortillas were absolutely perfect.  The enchilada sauce was unusually tasty, and not at all oily, or overly salty.  The refried beans were as good as I've ever had.  All-in-all, an awesome (not to mention filling!) breakfast.

We'll be going back, you can be sure...there are so many things on their menu that we haven't tried yet!

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