Monday, December 9, 2013

You can keep your doctor under ObamaCare!

You can keep your doctor under ObamaCare!  You just have to pay more.  A lot more.  So says Ezekial Emanuel, one of ObamaCare's architects.

So let me see if I've got this straight...  My old insurance policy was inferior.  The cheapest ObamaCare policies available are almost double the price of my old policy, and won't let me go to the same hospitals or keep my same doctor.  Oh, and the deductible is five times my old policy.  Check.  But – according to Emanuel – I can buy a better ObamaCare policy that will let me keep the same doctors and hospitals.  He's right – I found one such policy on the California site.  The premiums for that one are just over three times what I pay today.  The deductibles are just over twice those in my current policy.  With that policy, I can go to the doctors and hospitals that I want to use (rather than their much narrower network) – but for that privilege, I have a 30% co-pay that doesn't count toward the deductible.

I thought our system of payment for healthcare was screwed up before ObamaCare came along – far, far too much government regulation (especially with respect to mandates) was preventing me then from buying the kind of policy I really wanted: a simple, old-fashioned major medical policy that actually was insurance (in the normal sense of that word).  Now ObamaCare comes along, adds 500 more layers of government, bureaucracy, and regulation – and look at the outcome.  Isn't it just marvelous?  It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect if the DMV took over your healthcare...

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