Wednesday, December 25, 2013

George Washington: victor in battle, freeman at heart...

George Washington: victor in battle, freeman at heart...  This article discusses an issue near and dear to my heart: the failure of modern America to elect leaders that resemble in any way the Founding Fathers.  It's conclusion:
But these are the arenas of our culture under assault today.  Rather than prospering and spreading as they should, they are under an all-out assault by the modern American Left, taking a beating from the pop culture of one coast and the bureaucratic strangulation of the other coast.  The citizens of today have a duty to the citizens of tomorrow, and to fulfill that duty, we must turn to the examples of the citizens of the past… to the Founding Fathers of this great nation, and first and foremost, to the greatest example, George Washington, universally admired as the greatest leader of his time, who won a war and went home to his farm, looking forward to being “just another average American citizen again” – in the days when being “just another average American citizen” was the greatest thing to be in all the world.
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