Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quote of the day...

Quote of the day...  I lost part of my morning tea through my nose when I read the sentence below, near the end of another excellent piece by Megan McArdle on the unfolding disaster that is ObamaCare:
Because of the Universal Law of Turkey Accretion, the quality and effectiveness of a government agency’s personnel are likely to peak very shortly after that agency is established.
The lady has both wit and a way with words.  I should have known better than to have slurped tea while reading one of her pieces, but somehow I didn't expect humor in a piece talking about why the ObamaCare web site is so awful.  In fact, as I was reading her description of why large government IT projects almost always fail, I was nodding my head in agreement – I think she's got it exactly right, and as usual she's explained it in a way that non-technical people can readily understand...

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