Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flip the channels...

(Updated) Flip the channels...  So says Doug S., friend, reader, former colleague, and mogul-of-everything-Idaho.  I like Bob Dylan, but the people lip-syncing is something I don't get.  Maybe you will :)

Update: Ann Althouse has basically the same reaction I had:
My reaction to the video was: 1. Here's the Dylan song that's used to represent all Dylan songs when you want to reach the largest possible audience with the message that you are playing a Dylan song, 2. I'm hearing the Dylan recording but I'm seeing some TV person mouthing the words, a type of performance that is annoying even when your dearest loved one does it; it's not cute. 3. So there are a bunch of TV people who were willing to go on camera mouthing the words of the entire 6+ minute song. 4. Either show me Bob Dylan with the voice of Bob Dylan or cover the song with your own voice and do it well (not cutesy) or leave me alone.
But she has some theories about why some people like it.  What's most interesting to me about Ann's reaction is that she is far more into culture than I am; it's something she writes about often.  She's roughly my age, too, so it's not an age difference showing...

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