Saturday, November 9, 2013

European anti-Semitism is on the rise...

European anti-Semitism is on the rise...  A survey of European Jews is the source for this assertion.

I saw a little of this on several of my trips to Europe, most especially when I traveled outside the major cities (as is my wont).  A couple of times (once in France, once in Italy) store clerks asked me if I was Jewish (I think because of my blond hair and beard, and my extra-large sized Scotch nose probably contributed).  In Italy, I queried the business associate I was traveling with – an Italian – about why someone would even ask such a thing.  He explained that had I replied in the affirmative, the store clerk would quite likely have asked me to leave the store, as they would be “ashamed” to have a Jew be seen there.  If I had refused to leave, most likely the clerk would refuse to serve me.  He went on to say that the local Jews (this was in Milan, and there is a local Jewish community there, with a number of synagogues) all knew which shops and restaurants they were unwelcome in – and that there were a lot of them.

Any Jew with even a cursory knowledge of 20th century European history should be very worried about this.  There are plenty of places they could go without such problems and their attendant risks...

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