Friday, November 8, 2013

A deal with Iran?

A deal with Iran?  I think how you feel about this possibility comes down to just one thing: whether you trust the Obama administration to lift sanctions against Iran only in exchange for verifiable cessation of Iran's nuclear weapons program.  That's easy for me: not only do I not trust them, I fully expect them to do whatever it takes to get something they can publicly call a “deal”.

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has a tendency to the histrionic side, but in this case I agree with him completely:
Israel understands that there are proposals on the table in Geneva today that would ease the pressure on Iran for concessions that are not concessions at all. This proposal would allow Iran to retain the capabilities to make nuclear weapons. This proposal will allow Iran to preserve its ability to build a nuclear weapon. Israel is completely opposed to these proposals. I believe that adopting them would be a mistake of historic proportions and they should be completely rejected.
The Israelis have been briefed on the status of the negotiations, so that's an informed assessment.  The nations actually participating in the negotiations with Iran (the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) all have a political interest in having a peace “deal” – which means anything that their public will accept as a lessening of the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.  That's not at all the same thing as a deal that actually removes the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, which is what Netanyahu recognizes and is what worries me (and many others).

It is to humanity's shame that the only country Iran has threatened to destroy (Israel) doesn't have a seat at this table.  The progressives would argue that including Israel would remove the possibility of a negotiated peace – which, to me, just confirms my fear that Iran is insincere...

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