Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ObamaCare roundup...

ObamaCare roundup...  The blogosphere – and even some mainstream media – is in full rant over the ObamaCare roll-out debacle.  Here are some I found most interesting, or entertaining (and often both!):

A lie is just a truth that wasn't precise enough (NeoNeocon)
ObamaCare girl has disappeared (NeoNeocon)
Obama's big lie (NeoNeocon)
Obama lied for you, not to you (NeoNeocon)
I was very wrong to defend ObamaCare these past four years (Ace)
NBC throws its reporter under the bus (Ace)
Games incompetent people play (Ace)
How the Obama administration made sure people couldn't keep their plans (National Review)
Another story the media is missing (Ace)
Why won't the GOP let us have a normal debate? (Jonah Goldberg) [a fine rant!]
Why Obama's lie is so infuriating (Patterico)
Can we call Democrats the “Stupid Party” now? (Ricochet)
Democrats: the Gullible Party?  (Ricochet)
The ObamaCare Awakening (Wall Street Journal)
Questions for Secretary Sebelius (Peggy Noonan)

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