Thursday, October 3, 2013

ObamaCare roundup...

ObamaCare roundup...  Yesterday the ObamaCare exchanges were excusing their problems by saying the response was huge and overwhelming their servers.  Now we're hearing that the “over 5,000,000” hits on California's exchange was really only 645,000 hits – a level that should be easy to achieve. Of those visitors, on some exchanges less than 1% are actually signing up – including zero signups in Louisiana.  Then there's this: the federal government's Healthcare blog lists 1-800-318-2596 as their help number – and that spells out 1-800-FUCKYOU.  I had to work that out for myself before I'd believe it.  But never mind all that: one guy – Brendan Mahoney – has single-handedly saved ObamaCare.  As James Taranto puts it: “So the great success story of ObamaCare's first day is the transformation of a future lawyer who was already paying for insurance into a welfare case.”

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