Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So we just ran “down the hill” to drop off my truck for a smog inspection, at Rancho Jamul Auto Care (where Dave and his crew deliver top-notch auto maintenance at fair prices, with old-fashioned honesty and integrity).  Out here in Lawson Valley, it's wall-to-wall blue sky and bright sunshine – but when we went over the last hill before Jamul town, we entered the fog zone.  Thick fog dropped visibility down to a hundred feet or less, within a quarter mile of topping the hill.  To our astonishment, we saw many cars – perhaps a quarter of everyone we saw – driving in this pea soup with no lights.  Just to be clear: I have no objection at all if someone wants to demonstrate evolution at work by doing something stupid and taking themselves out.  But when they do something stupid that could take us out, I object strenuously!  Turn your damned lights on, you morons!

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