Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's just a gesture.  Joseph Naso was sentenced to death yesterday, but he almost certainly he won't be executed.  He will just join the 725 other inmates on California's death row, where some have been for decades. 

I'd like to see the end of the death penalty, as I don't believe it's been justly applied.  Even one mistake is far too many, and there have been far more than one.  But I am not for leniency, not at all – I'd like to see incarceration be treated as punishment, not as rehabilitation.  Let Joseph Naso crush rocks until he can't crush any more, and let's have a C-Span-like channel that shows people what his life is like.  I'd also like to drastically reduce the number and kinds of crimes for which incarceration is the punishment – I'd especially like to get rid of the “morality” crimes, like drug use...

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