Monday, September 23, 2013

All hail GMail!  I've been using GMail on a web browser for five or six years now.  A few weeks ago, GMail was upgraded with a bunch of new features.  Most of them I thought were great, but one I absolutely hated – to the point where I started looking at alternatives for GMail.  But this morning I discovered an easy work-around that has restored my GMail happiness.  If you're a GMail user too, you may find this useful...

The problem is with the new “Compose” window.  When you click on the COMPOSE button, you get a small window with highly compressed menus.  Amongst numerous related annoyances, one stands out for me: it takes two clicks to use the formatting menu.  If you can remember the keycodes (like CTRL-I for italics), they still work ok.  But if you want to italicize some text you've highlighted with your mouse, then welcome to the world of two-click menus.

The work-around I just discovered is simple: just hold the SHIFT key down when you click on the COMPOSE button.  When you do this, you'll get a larger (and adjustable sized) window that pops over your inbox – and the formatting menu is there at the bottom in all its one-click glory.  Hallelujah!

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