Friday, August 16, 2013

Spambot of the Day...

Introducing a new feature on this blog: Spambot of the Day (see this Wikipedia article if you're new to the delights of spambots).  The particular flavor of spambot that typically plagues bloggers is the “comment spambot”.  These unethical marketing tools post fake comments on blogs, typically containing a link to a web site they're advertising, or a hacker's trap site trying to trick you in to downloading something you shouldn't.

Google's Blogger (the blogging platform this blog runs on) is pretty good at catching these spambot postings.  Most of them never become visible to me, which is much better than a few years ago – back then, on a typical day I might see 30 or 40 of them.  The main reason I have comment moderation turned on for my blog is to catch these things and delete them. 

Usually the text of the comment the spambot is posting has been either just gibberish, or some random text copied from a news story or some such thing.  Recently, however, the spambots are doing something clever: they know that comment moderation is catching them, so they try flattering the blogger – to trick the blogger into accepting a comment that's actually spam.  Some of these are quite funny, once you realize what they are.

Hence my new feature.  When I see a good one come by, I'll post it as Spambot of the Day.

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Nice try, spambot!

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