Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Sayin'...

The IPCC and it's gang of warmists (Hansen, Mann, etc.) love to tell us that the science is settled with respect to global warming.  Their models, upon which virtually everything they assert rests, are chock full of questionable assumptions and faulty data, but the warmists nonetheless assure us that the models tell the whole truth, the only truth, and nothing but the truth.  Amongst these “truths” is that variations in the brightness of the sun have almost no effect on global average temperatures – so little, in fact, that the majority of the models used by the IPCC reports don't even bother to include it.

This morning I read a report by several climatologists that claims they have discovered the cause of the (roughly) 100,000 year Ice Age cycle.  This cycle has long been known, but was unexplained (at least, in any rigorous and plausible way).  These scientists claim to have solved the riddle (by producing a computer model that can reproduce Ice Ages).  The cause, they say, is a cyclical variation in “insolation” (a five dollar word meaning sunlight striking the Earth).

So, the science is settled: variations in solar radiance (which result in variations in insolation) do not cause global warming, but variations in insolation do cause Ice Ages.  The sun can't heat the Earth, but the lack of sun can cool it.


Just sayin'...

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