Sunday, July 14, 2013

A San Juan Mountains Mystery...

File this under “Inquiring minds want to know...”

Debbie and I drink our hot morning caffeinated beverages (coffee for her, tea for me) from stainless steel insulated mugs.  We brought them with us because, well, we really like them.  And they're big :)

Background: Periodically at home we have to clean these mugs with a special cleaning liquid, to get off the coffee and tea stains.  We let them soak in this stuff overnight, and then in the morning it's fairly easy to scrub off the stains.

The first time we washed dishes here at our cabin, we noted with surprise that the stainless steel mugs were sparkling clean, like new.  We didn't even scrub them out, much less soak them overnight. 

So we're wondering how this could be.  Is the water here so acidic (or alkaline) that it just removes the stains with no help?  Or is there some kind of abrasive in the water?  Or are the stains really coming from our well water back home?

Anybody have a clue?  Did you ever hear of water that prevents those stains?

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