Monday, June 24, 2013

Where Has Your Blogger Been?

Several readers wrote over the weekend, wondering where the hell I was.  One even asked if I was ok.

Yes, I'm fine :)  Debbie and I were on a stake-out – trying to trap a mother cat and six kittens (about six weeks old) living underneath the old barracks at the former Naval Training Center, down near the San Diego Airport.  Debbie goes there frequently for dog agility meets, and one of her friends told her about the family of feral cats there.  She organized a trapper from the Feral Cat Coalition, and our vet (the wonderful Dr. Christine Wilson) agreed to find homes for them (she does this sort of thing all the time) if we could get them.  The trapper caught the mother cat on Friday, then Debbie and I manned the traps late Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday.  We caught three of the kittens; three are still left.  Debbie will be down there again today to try and catch the remaining three...

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