Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Violation of Weapons Policy...

The three year old boy at right is deaf, and is signing his name (Hunter).  He'd like to attend school in Grand Island, Nebraska, but...school officials there say that his signing looks like a weapon, and therefore violates their zero tolerance policy.

“Policies” like this act like an amplifier for the drums of doom that I'm hearing quite regularly these days.  I can't believe that members of my own species somehow conclude that such a policy is useful, that it has any good effects whatsoever (let alone enough good effects to offset the obvious bad ones).

I have zero tolerance for zero tolerance.

We need a revolution to throw out the bureaucrats that are parasites on this country.  When did we start allowing these idiots to control things?  It's like having the DMV in charge of our medical care.  Oh, wait – that's right, with Obamacare that's exactly what we're about to have!

Doom.  I sense doom approaching.  It may be time to go live in the hills with a big box of ammunition...

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