Thursday, June 6, 2013

FJ Cruiser: The Platform Saga Continues...

Working on the FJ Cruiser project has been wonderful therapy for me.  While I'm working on it, all my concerns about what's happening to my country disappear – there's only the work at hand, and it's work that I find both engaging and satisfying.

Yesterday afternoon, I finished the last of the fabrication on the the dog/storage platform.  All I have left to do now is some wood patching, sanding, and masking – then I start painting.  Unless something goes horribly wrong, I should have the finished platform installed by Sunday evening, Monday worst case.

A few photos for you:

Here's the complete framework of the dog/storage platform; only the lids (port, starboard, and forward) are missing.  This is viewed from the open rear door of the FJ; you can see both front doors are open.  The rear panel (in the foreground of the photo) has cutouts for the air compressor switch, compressed air port, 110 VAC outlets, and the power plug for the refrigerator.  The "pocket" on the left will hold the air compressor (there's a little shelf in there to mount it on), and the "pocket" on the right will hold the 2000 watt AC inverter.  The two doors will cover the open areas you see on the left and right, there's a separate little door that covers the square opening between the front seats.  The two big doors are hinged on each side of the center "rib" you see (the only flat surface visible now)...

Fitting the oak hinge bar into the the port door's surface.  This is the same exercise I did last week on the center rib, except this time I have to match that center rib exactly, adding another dimension of trickiness to an already-tricky operation...

The port door, nearly complete.  Here I'm laying out the holes for the wood screws that will (together with glue) attach the oak hinge bar to the plywood door.

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