Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day...

I'm angry.

You should be angry too, if you're an American.

If you've been even moderately successful in your career, today is the day when your federal government, and most state governments, forcibly steal a large fraction of your income.

Through the trick of employer withholding, the governments manage to fool most people most of the time; they scarcely notice the taxes they pay.  That's a real shame (though it was very clever politics).  I'm certain that if people had to write a check today for the entire amount of their taxes due, they'd be paying considerably more attention to this miserable day.

Then, too, if the politicians (being clever again, dang it!) had made Tax Day October 15th instead of April 15th (making it just before Election Day), I'm sure our taxes wouldn't be so high.

But here we are, handing over chunks of our income again.

You'll have to pardon me today, because I am having trouble seeing things straight.  My normally clear vision is being clouded by hallucinations of free-spending politicians being strung up like beans – and cheering crowds watching...

But the reality is...that I'll be avoiding jail by handing over way too much of my income to a bunch of incompetents in Washington and Sacremento. 

So I'm angry.

And you should be angry, too.

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