Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Try to picture this: a woman is being mugged on the front porch of her house.  She hollers for help, and the help comes running.  A 47 year old man whips out his 29 inch long Samauri sword and comes after the mugger – who hightails it out of there, eyes big and round, and later turns himself into police.  Probably afraid for his life!

Now who would you expect that savior to be?  Perhaps a truck driver?  A construction guy?  Some salt-of-the-earth type, right?

How about a Mormon bishop?  Yup, for real.

I know several Mormons, and count several of them amongst my friends.  I cannot imagine any of them behaving like this, so I suspect this isn't some pattern, some result of their awesome religious training.  But still...I can't help but think that someone who would run into battle with a sword would find tough going in most other religious hierarchies :)

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