Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lawyer Helps eBay Vendor Behave Badly...

Written like that, my headline sounds completely unsurprising, doesn't it?

Here's a case that just sounds outrageous – and also like one that should end in a crescendo of bad publicity for the vendor (and their lawyer!) involved.  The gist: the vendor sent a package to a customer with postage still due on it.  The customer left negative feedback for the vendor because of the postage due.  The vendor admits that postage was due.  The vendor is suing the customer for having left completely accurate negative feedback.

Popehat has issued a call for help, and Instapundit has linked to the story.  The vendor (Med Express) may not know it yet, but this is going to end very badly for them.  Which makes me feel pretty darned good!

Details here.  Here's the negative feedback, in all its glory:
Order arrived with postage due with no communication from seller beforehand.
As eBay feedback goes, that's pretty weak tea.  Here's the vendor's (rather lame) response, two days later:
Sorry- no idea there was postage due. This has happened alot from USPS lately.
Med Express, I have some advice for you.  Withdraw your suit.  Fire your lawyer, loudly and publicly.  Blame this behavior on him.  And make it up to your customer in some spectacular fashion...

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