Wednesday, April 10, 2013

California: Trying to Set a Record for Speed of Decline...

That thing we call “health insurance” doesn't much resemble actual insurance any more.  The piling on of state mandates makes the problem even worse.  California is considering yet another new mandate: coverage for treatment of infertility, including things like artificial insemination, surrogate mothers, etc.

That doesn't sound all that surprising; just another way to redistribute some wealth (we'll all end up paying for those couples who need infertility treatments).  But there's a twist to the California law: its definition of infertility is very carefully written: it says that any couple who has active sex for a year without producing a pregnancy is by definition infertile.  Any couple.  Including homosexual couples.

So the effect of this new mandate (if passed) would be to allow any gay or lesbian couple who wanted a kid to have the entire tab for “infertility treatments” be picked up by the rest of us.

Every time I think that our California legislators have found every possible way to demonstrate their craziness, they prove me wrong.  They've done it again.

We gotta get outta here...

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