Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm Going to Try for a Fifth Time...

One of the things on my retirement to-do list is to try (for the fifth time) to learn to play a musical interest.  I love to listen to music, and have always envied those who could create it.  Starting when I was quite young I've tried a recorder, a harmonica, a flute, and a guitar.  To call my attempts disastrous would be overly kind.  I never even learned how to read music. 

Now I have (or will have :) the time to devote to this.  Once again I'm looking around to choose an instrument.  Purely accidentally last night I ran into a video of an instrument that I had never seen or heard of before: an ocarina, which comes in many varieties.  As I read about them, they look like a good choice for a beginner – and they sound a lot like one of my favorite of all instruments, the flute.  Here are a couple of videos of ocarina music I ran across (there are many more on YouTube):

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  1. I'm around your age, but I've been playing flute since junior high. Playing an instrument has been the source of a lot of pleasure over the years, and I encourage you to get started! It is never too late.

    I have a couple of suggestions. First, take lessons - you get some accountability and it prevents bad habits. Most of the music teachers I know love adult beginner students. Second, find a group to play with as soon as you can keep up (this means pick an instrument you can play in a group). I've been playing in my local community band for the last nine or ten years, and it has been a blast. I know of at least one retiree in our band that decided to pick up an instrument for something to do. He went to the pawnshop, bought a trombone, and joined the band.

    If you do pick a band instrument, look for a "New Horizons" group in your area. This is an organization which encourages adult beginners with band programs just like the kids have in schools.

    Good luck!