Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feds Shut Down Intrade...

Intrade is one of the two main online prediction markets in the U.S., used for many purposes but probably best-known for their election prediction market.  The other online prediction market is the Iowa Electronic Market, which I cited extensively in the recent election season.  Both of these markets have been operating for years without problems.  Now some soul-sucking Obama administration bureaucrat has decided they're so evil they must be shut down.

It's very weird to be sitting here watching my country death spiral...


  1. The action against Intrade by the CFTC started in 2005 - doesn't that mean that the death spiral started in 2005? Let's see, GWB, Republican, president 2001-2009. Who's creating the spin now?

  2. I think most conservatives would say the spiral started no later than FDR, and Bush certainly contributed to it. No Child Left Behind is but one example.