Wednesday, September 19, 2012


There's a new puppy at our house: Boomer, a five month old male Border Collie.  He's not ours, though – he belongs to an Australian couple (Brent and Francisca M.) from Queensland.  They asked Debbie to do “foundation training” on him, to get him ready for an agility competition career.  This was arranged by the breeder, the same one we got our Border Collie (Race) from.  We'll be keeping Boomer until next February; then he'll be making the long flight to Australia.

Boomer is recovering from surgery to repair an injury he got a few weeks ago.  He has some convalescing to do before he's ready for aggressive training.  That's clearly not his opinion, though – he's a ball of fire, ready to start playing with anything and everything right now.

He's getting along great with our four dogs, though our dogs are showing signs of a little jealousy over the attention Boomer is getting.  The cats are another story – Boomer thinks they are just the greatest toys evah!  We've got some training to do on that front :-)

It's fun having a puppy in the house again...

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