Saturday, September 22, 2012

Efficient Health Care Markets...

There's a fascinating article in the WSJ($) today that profiles a company that delivers top-notch health care to those who can afford it. The company is Private Health Management, and its CEO is Leslie Michelson. They don't actually deliver the health care themselves – rather, they match up each patient's needs with the absolutely best health care that can be found anywhere in the world for them.  It is an attempt to address the opacity of today's U.S. health care marketplace.  Mr. Michelson has dreams of delivering that services to the masses, not just the ultra-rich.  The conclusion of the article resonates with me:
Americans, says Mr. Michelson, are "extremely good at buying things." But they don't know how to buy health care, and his company can help by giving them the tools they need. "The entire engine of American consumerism is missing in health care. What a preposterous thing."
Preposterous, indeed.  I am fascinated by the ideas underlying this company.  I also want to channel Glenn Reynolds and say: faster, please.

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