Monday, June 25, 2012


Today is probably the big day: the day that the Supreme Court announces their ruling on the challenge to ObamaCare's constitutionality.  Though they still have the option to delay their ruling even longer, if they follow their traditional schedule of ruling announcements, today would be the day.

Some folks (like myself) have trouble understanding how ObamaCare supporters could be supporters – the flaws of the bill are numerous and pretty obvious.  Here's an interesting post on a very liberal web site that lists the 10 things we're going to miss if ObamaCare is struck down.

To me, this list is a wonderful capsule view of the progressive mentality.  Basically it's a list of benefits without any tinge of the consequent costs.  It's tantamount to saying “Wouldn't you like to have a bag of gold delivered into your hands every morning?” – without ever stopping to think how you're going to pay for it.  Don't worry about it!  The government will provide.  Why, yes, of course I'd like my daily bag of gold!

Idiots.  Shallow, self-centered, feel-good, irrational, “gimme-gimme” obliviots.  The trouble is, there are so damned many of them that they've managed to elect a government.  They deserve the government they elect.  Trouble is, they drag me (and my wallet!) along with them, kicking and screaming.

November 2012.  It may be this country's last real hope, else we go the way of Greece...

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