Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Not News, Now...

Remember over the last few years how the warmists were crying “Doom!  Doom!  We're all doomed!” because (they said) the Arctic ice caps were at historically low coverage levels and headed down fast.  According to them, our only salvation was to radically cut fossil fuel consumption immediately, and to start spending trillions upon trillions of dollars promoting “renewable” energy use worldwide.  Hundreds upon hundreds of news stories pushed this story into our faces from every direction.


The ice caps are back to normal total coverage.  They've made this swing from low coverage to average coverage to high coverage a few times before.  A few thousand times, that is.

After all that doom being forecast the past few years, you'd think that the near-miraculous, totally unexpected recovery of the ice cap coverage would be really big news, something to be splattered all over the news like the original forecasts of doom!, right?  Well, don't hold your breath.  So far, this news is only being reported in a few science blogs, on the NOAA straight data sites, and (of course) by the global warming skeptics.  Nobody else cares.  Doesn't fit the narrative, you know.  Only doom! does that...

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