Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Inch and a Half...

Yesterday's storm brought us another inch and a half (4 cm) of rain, bringing our calendar year total to 15.43 inches (39 cm) – the highest measurement (by 20%) for this date I've seen in 9 years of collecting weather data here.

The early wetness has some of our plants changing their usual timing.  We have bulbs popping up all over the place, and the grass is growing strongly – we're going to have an unusually long growing season this year, assuming we get our usual rainy season.  Our aleppo pines are normally looking a little sad (dry) this time of year; now they're fully greened up and their sap is flowing.  Take that, bark beetles!  Our eucalyptus trees are putting out new growth.  The ground is soft down to at least three feet, and the gophers are tunneling like crazy (good for some plants, bad for others).  The manzanitas that happen to be full of berries right now have big, juicy berries.  And the moss on the rocks is bright green.

I wouldn't mind a bit more of this.  An inch or so every couple weeks would be quite nice!

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