Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Phony Consensus...

The media finally seems to be catching up to the news that the so-called “consensus” on antropogenic global warming (AGW) isn't a consensus at all.  The Daily Herald published this piece of commentary recently.  The lead:

The end is near ...

... that is, for the myth that scientists have reached "consensus" on global warming and climate change caused by humans.

The theory (more accurately called a religion for the redistribution of wealth) has taken a number of body blows in recent times -- although the climate-change lobby is still straining to impose its view on the world. For example, Time magazine issued a screed headlined "Who's Bankrolling the Climate-Change Deniers?" The piece wonders why any doubts linger. Time says, "an overwhelming scientific consensus that says it does."
Interesting shift in the media consensus!  The piece refers to the Global Warming Petition Project, which so far has collected over 31,000 signatures from scientists skeptical of AGW.  Some consensus!

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