Sunday, October 30, 2011

Four for Four...

Debbie is running Miki in an agility competition today, downtown at the old NTC.  She just called me, and you could hear the smile: Miki just finished his fourth run for the weekend (two in jumpers, two in standard).  Result: three first place finishes (and one fifth), and he's now in Excellent B in both.  Bonus: he earned his first 19 Mach points.

Woot woot!!!

One other interesting note.  Yesterday she took Miki down by himself, and noted that he seemed a bit stressed by the end of the day.  Today she took Race (who wasn't entered) down with him, to see if having his buddy along would make a difference.  Debbie reports that Miki was distinctly less stressed.  Having his friend along made it all easier...

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