Monday, August 15, 2011

Warning: ASI Hastings...

In years past, we have done business with ASI Hastings on several occasions – the installation of our heater and air conditioner, and two major repairs.  We were pleased with that work, with the people they sent out here, and with the price.  Pleased enough that I recommended them to my readers, friends, and neighbors.

Today we had them out to repair our air conditioner, and it will most likely be the last time we ever call ASI Hastings again.

My wife called them this morning and asked for them to repair our air conditioner, which had just completely failed.  There are two major issues I have with what they did.

First, the prices for the repair items are just insanely high – hundreds of dollars for a contactor (relay) and startup capacitor.

Second, they sold my wife something we didn't ask for at all – an air cleaner to take dust and odors out of the air.  We asked for a repair, not some things we neither needed nor wanted.

I'm done with them.  Anybody got a good recommendation for a local (to Jamul, preferably) air conditioning repair firm?

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  1. I too had a bad experience with ASI. I have a second house not far from yours where my elderly parents live. ASI installed the heat pump there a few years ago. One day an ASI guy shows up and tells my folks that it is time for the annual maintenance check. Since this was going to cost some money my folks sent the guy away and called me. They also mentioned that the AC no longer worked. I came out and found out that the circuit break has been turned off. It wasn't tripped, it was off. My folks didn't even know where the panel was so it had to be this jerk from ASI trying to take advantage of some elderly folks.

    At my main residence I had a water heater installed by ASI. When I had a problem with it the informed me that they no longer handled water heaters.

    In any case I highly recommend TLC Plumbing, , 619-667-0234. My church has used these folks too.

    Bob Clay