Monday, August 8, 2011

The Demise of the Low Level Programmer...

Andy Firth writes:
Over the last decade I’ve been involved in the hiring process at many studios and in more recent years I’ve noticed a pattern. Knowledge of what is generally considered “low-level” programming is waning. Many programmers know enough to get through a C# or C++ test, but don’t understand something as basic (and important) as the behavior of memory or god forbid a cache. They don’t seem to grasp that one must understand the native environment you’re working in before going ahead and writing a program to run within it. The intricacies of floating point vs fixed point math are completely lost on them as the term “fixed point” brings about a blank stare; floating point numbers are best right?. I once mentioned bit shifting to an experienced engineer of 10 years and was devastated by the complete lack of basic understanding.
He's echoing my thoughts, recorded here in quite a few posts...

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