Friday, July 29, 2011

Lost Cat!

Sabira Woolley has lost Jua Ini, their 7-year old Savannah cat (click to enlarge photo at right).  Here's her message to everyone:

Lost Cat / Gato Perdido
Reward / Recompensa

7 year old female Savannah cat named Jua Ini. Light yellowish tan with deep orange spots.
Missing since 7/1/11, but she has been reported seen very recently in the area of Castle Peak Lane and Beaver Hollow Rd.
If you see or hear of her, please let us know right away!
Please call us at 619-291-1225 or 858-354-1886!
Or email us at
We love and miss her! We can't sleep from worrying about her.
Jua Ini is very wary, and runs and hides from strangers. Please do not chase or grab her.
You can gently and slowly offer her food and water, to encourage her to stick around. If you call us to get her, we'll be there in a flash.
If you help us locate her and we get her back safe, you get the reward (money or a Savannah kitten, or excellent live music).

They live on Lawson Valley Road, north of Skyline Truck Trail, a half mile or so from the stop sign.  Please keep an eye out for their beautiful cat, and contact them if you see it!

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