Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, we're back from vacation.  The daily grind is back on.  I've nearly worked through my enormous email backlog.  People at work have figured out that I'm back, and the press of business is on again.  ServiceNow, still growing at a frenetic pace, changed a bit in the two weeks I was absent, and I'm making some adjustments in my work (this was not unexpected!).  We're over 400 employees now (over a dozen times more than when I started).  Business is still booming.

On our morning walk, the four dogs were completely back to normal.  Race has completely forgotten the joys of sniffing that he indulged in on our trip – now it's all about the pine cones.  The three brown dogs (field spaniels) are a sniffing pack once again, smelling as fast as they can for the pure joy of it.

Here it is mid-July, and our temperatures are still spring-like cool.  Yesterday's high was just 85°F, much cooler than the usual 95°F or so for this season.  August and September are usually our hottest months; if this cool weather persists we're going to have a very pleasant summer here...

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