Thursday, March 24, 2011

Morning Walk...

It was very wet outside this morning, as we got another half inch (1 cm) of rain last night.  It rained quite hard at times; the sound on our metal roof woke us up a couple times.  We had just over a half moon in the eastern sky, and it was clear overhead.  Down in the valley below us, a cloud moved slowly across, all lit up by the moon – quite beautiful. 

The dogs were all very quiet, noses down (even Race, the border collie – the smells were more interesting to him than pine cones this morning).  I couldn't smell a thing other than the usual chaparral scents of sage and similarly spicy plants.  The dogs all pulled in different directions, chasing down the latest interesting scent.  They managed to work about half of each leash into a gigantic knot, squeezing my fingers so tightly that I had trouble getting my hand free!

Debbie shocked me yesterday.  When I said goodbye to her in the morning, she was blond Debbie.  When she came home in the afternoon after seeing her hairdresser, she was dark brunette Debbie.  This is going to take some getting used to!  After 30 years of light-colored hair, all of a sudden my wife has dark hair.  It feels a bit like there's a stranger in the house who can mimic Debbie's voice and mannerisms perfectly.  It's a very odd and unexpectedly powerful feeling, from such a trivial change as hair color.

I suspect in 20 or 30 years it will feel normal to me.  Maybe...

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