Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Seems Impossible...

...but each and every day, my job seems to get busier and busier – and even more chaotic.  Each day as I drive home, I tell myself “It can't possibly get any crazier!” – and each day, it gets even crazier.  These are symptoms of a very good problem at the company I work for: success!

In the past year, my little team has gone from two people to five people (and probably a sixth within a couple of weeks).  I still have five more “official” openings (Are you a crazy good programmer?  Talk to me!) – and I suspect by the time I get those positions filled, I'll have even more.

And meanwhile, the work keeps piling on.  We're acquiring new customers at an ever-increasing rate, and existing customers are using our product for more and more things.

All of this means lots and lots of work for us.  But it's a good kind of problem to have, compared with the opposite (a product that nobody wants to buy).

So when you see a few days with no posts from me, now you know why!

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  1. You are just getting old and slowing down.... you should be able to work 14 hours a day AND keep up with the blog.... and the dog walks.... and the electronics hobbies.... and......maybe you should get checked out!! :)