Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Kerfuffle...

I've received several emails over the past few days from people wondering why I'm not commenting on the confrontation between Governor Scott Walker and the public employee unions in Wisconsin.  The reason is very simple: I have little to add to the discussion.  But I'm watching with great interest, because I think the outcome of this confrontation is going to be a foreshadowing of the politics of the next year or two.

This sort of confrontation was, I think, inevitable after the 2010 elections.  I certainly didn't expect the public employee unions to simply roll over – they're going to fight back with every tool at their disposal, as we're seeing in Madison.  They have every right to do so.  The interesting element here isn't so much what the unions are doing – rather it's how Scott Walker and the (Republican majority) Wisconsin legislature react.  If they stick to their principles and pass Governor Walker's reform bill, then the conservatives and the Tea Party will have won an important battle in their war on government spending, and their fellows across the country will take great heart.  On the other hand, if they cave in to the public employee unions, the unions across the country will take great heart.  I don't believe the overall war on government spending hinges on the results in Wisconsin, but I do believe that a convincing victory by either side will greatly aid that side.  So I'm watching with great interest, and cheering for Governor Walker... 

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  1. People are getting a true look at what conservative governing means in real time. Support from around the world has been pouring in, showing that others care about this fight. Finally, don't forget that Wisconsin has the right of recall. There is no way Scott Walker can avoid this in January, especially if this goes on any longer.