Friday, February 4, 2011

Reagan's 100th...

Today is the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth.

Oh, how I long for him today...

Peggy Noonan (who worked for Reagan) has a beautiful piece in the WSJ today.  A teaser paragraph:
His most underestimated political achievement? In the spring of 1981 the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization called an illegal strike. It was early in Reagan's presidency. He'd been a union president. He didn't want to come across as an antiunion Republican. And Patco had been one of the few unions to support him in 1980. But the strike was illegal. He would not accept it. He gave them a grace period, two days, to come back. If they didn't, they'd be fired. They didn't believe him. Most didn't come back. So he fired them. It broke the union. Federal workers got the system back up. The Soviet Union, and others, were watching. They thought: This guy means business. It had deeply positive implications for U.S. foreign policy. But here's the thing: Reagan didn't know that would happen, didn't know the bounty he'd reap. He was just trying to do what was right.
He just wanted to do what was right.

I'll forgive a lot in a President, if I have that. Just that...


  1. What a contrast this scheming Leftist snake Obama provides to towering success and time-proven principles of Ronald Reagan... he's pretty much everything ole Dutch ever warned us about:

    Ronald Reagan @ 100:
    Portrait in Courage

  2. Great man, but I don't see the point of naming/renaming the coronado bridge after him

    ...even if they did I'd probably still call it the coronado bridge (same w/ the wild animal park,lol)