Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last night it poured – the proverbial cats and dogs.  We got almost 3 inches (7 cm) of rain just last night.  For these parts, that's the stuff of legends. As I write, we're still getting intermittent showers, but nothing like the sustained intensity of last night.  The pounding on our new (and watertight!) metal roof woke me up a few times, and I was glad it did – I flipped on one of our outdoor floodlights and just stared out at the wondrous downpour.

The dogs and I took our morning walk while the downpour was in full swing.  I was all decked out with my waterproof jacket and rain hat; the dogs could hardly have cared less.  The three field spaniels, as usual, had noses to the ground – the wet was all good so far as they were concerned.  And the border collie just went for the pine cones, also entirely as usual.  Outside the door, on the way back in, all three showed their usual incomprehension of why I might want to rub them with a towel.  You could almost hear them saying “Aw, come on!  Just let me in already!  I just know something exciting is happening in there!”

And for three of them, something exciting was happening – but not in the house.  Racer, Miki, and Mo'i are all headed to Ramona today (with Debbie, of course) to compete in an agility trial.  Mo'i hasn't been to a competition in a long, long time – Debbie's taking him only because she knows he'll enjoy it...

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  1. The rain is awesome, but with all this SoCal Green usually means SoCal brown in a season or two and fuel for fire later ....unfortunately...

    I'm so confused if I'm a fan or not of "Glo'bull' warming" :)