Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Clarifying Thought...

I caught this simple assertion on a Ricochet podcast driving home from work yesterday afternoon:
Meritocracy is violative of liberal principles.
David Limbaugh was the man talking.  He's Rush Limbaugh's brother; like him, a conservative political observer and commentator.  David sounds more like an academic, and less like a talking head; the few times I've delved into his work, I've found it thought-provoking and rant-free.  He's occasionally quite funny, too.

But back to that six word assertion above.  First, I googled it and got zero hits.  It seems to be original with Mr. Limbaugh.  Second, it is highly compressed (a little inside joke there that a few of my readers will get) – I'd probably have to write several paragraphs to capture that same thought, and not so well.

That assertion (which I agree with) is a great summary of why I don't want liberals running my health care, the military, Congress, or the government in general.  Liberal governments attract mediocrity (or worse) like stink on you-know-what...

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