Thursday, January 6, 2011

Symbolic Reading...

The Republicans are going to read the current version of the U.S. Constitution on the floor of the House today.  This is mainly a symbolic gesture to reinforce the notion that the U.S. is a land of laws, not of (powerful) men.  It's also an acknowledgment of the role of the Tea Party in the Republican's newly-won majority.

The reaction of the left to this reading is instructive.  It's almost entirely negative, ranging from hand-wringing about the cost (that's rich, after the last two years of spendathon!) to entirely predictable snide remarks about the irrelevance of the literal Constitution to governing today.

This symbolic act is a bit like having a powerful flashlight that one can shine into the warren of Congress-critters to illuminate those who see the Constitution as fundamental to our way of governing, and those who would prefer to ignore that pesky, dusty old document.

Bring on that flashlight, Speaker Boehner!

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  1. I was listening to Hannity this afternoon and he had a Democrat caller on the line objecting to it. On one hand because of the million dollar cost to read the document for two hours (don't know how that is), but more strangely she was objecting saying "well, what version of the constitution will they pick". When it was pointed out that there was only one and its current amendments so it isn't hard to choose, she continued "I'm an attorney, I'm very familiar with the constitution". But what I believe was the case, is she was confusing the constitution and its amendments, with legal precedence and supreme court rulings. Honestly, that had to be a deliberate misrepresentation. Anyway, while I realize it is a bit of theater, I think reading the constitution and even perhaps the declaration of independence would be a good precedent for opening congress every time. Remind them of their responsibilities and who they work for.