Saturday, December 18, 2010

Help Needed: a Fox is in Trouble...

Rusty Beatty writes:
We need some help catching a red tail fox that has a plastic jar stuck on its head. We found the fox Tuesday night on Lyons Valley Rd by Luck Kid Ranch. He was wondering along the side of the road trying to at a road kill rabbit. On Wednesday, Animal Control came out and found the fox in the canyon just out of reach. They gave us a net catch him and set up a trap but with a jar on its head I don't think it can smell the bait. Animal control called Thursday that the fox was by the Arco on 94 in town. He was reported heading east. Possible back to our original location. If anyone has seen him today or sees him in the next few days please let us know asap. Its going on at least 5 days without water. Email or call Rusty at 619-920-7773
Can you help this fox in need? If so, please contact Rusty!

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