Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marines, Guns, Nail Clippers, and the TSA...

Stupid TSA story of the day.

While traveling home from Houston on Friday night, I witnessed some of the TSA behavior that so many Americans find objectionable.  As I was waiting in the security line, I watched a female TSA agent “pat down” a sweet little old lady (Caucasian, appearing to be in her 70s, speaking with a pronounced Texas drawl) who was absolutely mortified.  “Pat down” is in quotes because you and I would have called it groping and fondling.  At precisely the same time, a group of four men in their 20s and 30s, dressed in Arab garb, walked through the adjacent metal detector.  They gawked at the little old lady being groped while they walked out of security with no other checks.  I discovered later that the four young men were Yemeni – and if you're paying attention to the news, you know that Yemen is a hot spot of terrorist activity.

On what planet does this behavior make sense?  Only on Planet Progressive, where political correctness trumps security every time...

By the way...  Do you know how many terrorists the TSA has caught in their airport screening, in all they years they've been irritating us?  Zero.  That's right – zero.  Not one.  Nada.  Hundreds of millions of dollars spent, and the only success they've had is in cowing the American public.

Time for them to go.  Let's subcontract our airport security to the Israelis!

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