Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Etiquette of Cancer...

Christopher Hitchens, as you may know, is a long-time writer and commentator (as well as many other things).  Often interesting, usually quite funny, I've enjoyed many of his pieces even when I didn't agree with his premise or point. 

As you may know, Mr. Hitchens was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  He's fighting it with every means at his disposal, but nonetheless his prognosis is not good; esophageal cancer is a nasty one.  But he's still writing, perhaps even more than usual – and he's writing (and talking) prolifically about what it's like to have terminal cancer.  I've read every one of these I ran across, and each time came away impressed by both Hitchens' insight and the strength of his character.  Here's a typical example: a compelling piece in Vanity Fair on what it's like for a cancer victim to deal with other people who know about his illness.

I hope that fate deals Mr. Hitchens the hand of a winner, and that he survives his battle against the Big C.  The world could use a bit more of his forthright and blunt style, whatever side of whatever point he may be arguing.  And we could certainly use more such admirable public figures...

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