Monday, October 25, 2010

Soggy Morning Walk...

Three years ago today, we were in the first day of our evacuation because of wildfires, and we were closely watching the Harris fire that threatened our home.  The threat mainly came from the incredibly low fuel moisture (< 3%) at the time, compounded by a fearsome Santa Ana windstorm.

This morning could hardly be more different.

There was no wind at all.  The dogs and I, on our morning walk, were completely enveloped in thick fog, through which a light drizzle was falling.  The ground is soft and sopping wet.  Another ground moisture indicator: the gophers have started digging their tunnels, which they can only do when the soil is thoroughly wet in the top 10 to 20 inches.  The fuel moisture gauge on Lyons Peak reads 44.7% (meaning that the fuel there would be very hard to ignite).

In two days, our front yard has developed a thick coating of greenery.  Bulbs are erupting everywhere, months earlier than usual.  The frogs were very loud this morning; probably a combination of frog-friendly moisture in the air and better hearing through the wet atmosphere.

Sure enjoyed the walk this morning!

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