Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Really Wet – Soggy – Morning...

We got almost a third of an inch of rain last night, and more is forecast for today and tomorrow.  This certainly is a very odd “fire season” – but we love it!

The dogs took no notice of all the wetness.  They simply don't care.  The three field spaniels found a spot along the driveway with an irresistable smell – I had a great deal of trouble dragging them away from it.  They'd have been smelling it for hours if I let them.  That was one of those moments when I really wish I could talk with them.  What on earth are you smelling there, guys?

The new roof performed flawlessly, so far as we can tell.  No leaks apparent in the house.  The rain made a gentle sound on the metal roof, but the water gurgling down the downspouts was quite loud (there's a downspout right outside our bedroom window, which was open).


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  1. Lightning and thunder up in Vista. Was great.

    My dog didn't think so however. He was frightened. Jumped up on the bed and was shaking. He is about 45lb Australian Shepard/Border Collie and his shaking made the bed wiggle. So finally took him downstairs, turned on lights and TV and stayed with him down there, he was happy then.