Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Black Panthers Incident Finally Hits Lamestream Media...

The Washington Post (of all places!) “broke” the story.  The scare quotes are there because of course this story has been all over the blogosphere for two years, and outlets like the Wall Street Journal covered it as well – but the mainstream media has studiously ignored the story, giving cover to the Obama administration generally, and Eric Holder in particular.  At best, it's a shameful story of a crime covered up.  At worst, it's a first step toward a Russian-style thugocracy.

I don't have many kind words for the likes of the Washington Post, but this time they deserve credit for airing this disturbing story.  Probably this is less a reflection of their good intentions, and more a reflection of Obama's fall from grace in their eyes...but that's ok, too.

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