Monday, October 4, 2010

Foggy Morning Walk...

The dogs and I were out as usual at 3 am, but this morning we could only see a few feet, as we were encased in a thick, wet fog.  Race acted as if he didn't notice.  He played with his pine cone exactly as if it had been a sunny afternoon.  That dog is focused!  The three field spaniels immediately went into sniff-everything-quickly-while-conditions-remain-ideal mode.  I could hear all three noses chuffing away like made, extracting every bit of odorant from the moist air.  They were doing important work, classifying all the animals that had passed by during the night. 

It was strangely quiet this morning.  No frogs, no crickets, and not even any coyotes or dogs baying in the distance.  The sky was completely blacked out by the fog.  My world was restricted to that little bit that my tiny one-LED flashlight could illuminate – a cone of light with zillions of particles drifting through it.  It was so quiet that I noticed the sounds from the dog's paws, something I can't recall noticing before. 

When I came back into the house, my beard and moustache were heavy with water deposited from the fog.  I never noticed it accumulating, but by the time I got back inside I had several teaspoons of water on my face...

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